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The Past, the Present, and the Future

The Past 🕘

Since it was originally brought to life, back in April 2019, Coldkey has come up a great way.

From the Genesis Edition Coldkey, to the History serie, passing through the 2019 BTC Loaded Coldkeys, and many more.

There is now somewhere between 2,000 and 3,000 Coldkeys in existence, spread across different releases all around the world.

It is a successful project in many aspects, and we are glad our products appeal so much to the public.

It would have never been the case without you and all of your support. 🙏

Prototype of the Genesis Edition Coldkey.

The Present 🕛

Bitcoin has been regularly breaking it’s All Time Highs these last couple of months. 🚀
This is also the case for many other digital assets. 🔥

Obviously, all this action has attracted the eyes of financial regulators all over the world, calling for tighter regulations in response to the spread of these technologies.

France has not been spared.
We have seen the regulatory framework around crypto-assets tighten at the end of December 2020. Since then, another bill expanded the regulation to include even more activities.
In the current conditions, becoming compliant is out of our reach for the moment.

Also there are new phenomenons in today’s crypto-assets scene.
We believe that there are many aspects to explore with our inimitable Coldkeys.

We will do so in a fully compliant manner towards regulatory bodies’ requirements.
These changes have pushed us to reconsider our offerings and find new strategies to continue serenely when it comes to what’s up next.

The last Loaded History Coldkey monthly release, March 2021.

The Future 🕒

Now, what’s next for Coldkey ? ❄️🔑

First of all, I am happy to announce to you that we now have a professional PR representative and Community Manager.

I am honored to introduce The Gate Keyper to you.
You can reach out to him directly on Telegram. (
He will also have control of the Coldkey Bitcointalk account for further ANN’s over there.

Second, we will now focus to get the existing in better shape.
For example, we are long overdue to offer all Coldkey collectors a Coldkey Explorer.
It will come with the data for all the existing Coldkeys, their addresses, their balances, the mintage, etc …
This will serve as the basis for our evolution.

New different spaces of interest are spawning in the crypto-world.
DeFi, NFT’s, Smart Contracts and many more…
It is necessary to take a break from our regular offerings now and assess what our next objectives will be. 💡

Growth is usually painful. Change is never easy.
However, we believe there is no other way for Coldkey.
We need to evolve along with the industry, or we might bite the dust.

As many of you certainly do, we too want Coldkey to thrive and be successful.
I’ll do everything it takes to make sure this is the case, even if I need to take one or more steps back.

After all, you all are the Key Keepers.
Let’s keep those Keys Cold ! ❄️🔑

Thank you very much for reading.

Always yours, sincerely,

Patrick aka yogg

Patrick Cudo holding a gift from the artist and maker geophphreigh

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