Coldkey’s first steps into the DeFi Jungle 🌴 🐵

Bitcoin Loaded Coldkeys are great and fun !
But what’s even more fun ? 👀

DeFi Coldkeys !

Tonight, we will release the first Coldkey especially created for a DeFi project that we like very much : ApeSwap.
BEHOLD the $BANANA Coldkey. 🍌 ❄️ 🔑

$BANANA is the main token that you can farm at ApeSwap;
a DEX on the Binance Smart Chain, built by DeFi Apes for DeFi Apes.
It has the most awesome team of loving Apes at the top. 🥰
The ApeSwap community is amazing as well !
So much love and great humor. 😃

ApeSwap has launched on the 14th of February 2021, and is rapidly growing.
Since ApeSwap’s creation, it has brought together over 7,000 Apes on their Telegram group.

Who can resist to be an Ape ? 🐵
We, at Coldkey, are proud and happy to help all Apes from all around the world to keep onto their valuable $BANANAs for the future. 🚀

By sending $BANANA to this cold storage wallet, you will make it available at any time you want BUT you need to cut through the card and remove the security Hologram.

To celebrate the latest ApeSwap IAO (Initial Ape Offering) and the launch of our first DeFi Coldkeys, we have prepared a contest open to everyone, Apes and KeyKeepers together ! 😃

The prizes consist of 3 x 50 $BANANA Coldkeys that three lucky contestant will receive. 😍
Thank you ApeSwap for providing these delicious BANANAs ! 🍌 😋

To make this contest even more memorable, a total of 750 $JDI tokens have also been pledged by our fellow Apes. 😎
This brings the total funding for each prize to 50 $BANANA’s and 250 $ JDI !! 🤯

The contest will be happening over Coldkey’s Twitter and winners will be selected over the next coming days.
Make sure to check it out and not miss on the incredible action that is happening ! 👀

This is only the beginning of our journey. 😎
There will be more and more exploring to do, new spaces to visit and use cases to demonstrate.

Always keep your Keys Cold. ❄️🔑
Hodl strong,

Thank you very much for reading.

Always yours, sincerely,

Patrick aka yogg